Index of Products

AGIE Charmilles
EDM Machines - Die Sinker & Wire-Cut Machines, Hole Poppers

Carl Zeiss IMT Coordinate Measuring Machines - CenterMax, COntura, Prismo, ScanMax,Spectrum, Vista,UPMC. Scanning Technology Leader.

Certified Comparator Products (CCP) - New & Pre-Owned Optical Comparators

Direct Reading Gages, ID / OD Gages, Indicating
Devices, Large Diameter Gages, Vertical Comparators

DYER PRECISION GAGES – Bore & Groove Gages

Etalon Micrometers & Bor Gages


Fowler Precision Measuring Tools


Portable ARM CMM Technology

Grob - Machining Centers & Automated Assembly Machines

Heidenhain - Precision Measuring & Gage Block Calibration Instruments

Kern - Specialists in high precision machining

LENOX INSTRUMENT COMPANY Borescopes, Fiberscopes and Special Visual Inspection Equipment for Internal Viewing

Lista Cabinets, Workbenches & Workspace Solutions

Mahr Federal
Precision Gaging

Mark-10 - Force & Torque Measurement Products

Metronics - Quadra - Chek Geometric Processors

High Speed Machining Centers,
5 Axis CNC Machining

Mitsui Seiki (U.S.A.) - High Precision Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centers / Jig - Grinders & Borers

Monarch Machine Tool - Vertical & Horizontal Machining & Turning Centers

Monode Marking Products - World Class Marking Equipment and 2 D Machine Traceability

Monode Marking Products
World Class Marking Equipment, 2D & UID Machine Traceability

OGP Optical Gaging Products Contour Projectors, Video Measuring Systems, Standard & Special Comparator Charts, Reticles & Fixtures

Parlec - Presetters,Tool Holders, Workholding

PDI Precision Devices Surface Analyzers & Profiling Systems

Real Time SPC Software

Pratt & Whitney Gage Calibration & High Accuracy Part Measuring Systems

Rahn Granite Inspection Equipment

RAM Optical
Video Measuring Systems
Manual and Automatic

Renishaw Touch Trigger Probes and Caliberation Equipment for CMM's and Machine Tools. Scanning Systems

R.L. Schmitt
Carbide Fixed Limit Gages

R&R Sales
Fixturing for CMM's & Video

Scienscope - Microscopes - Video Systems - Magnification Viewer's

Granite Inspection Equipment

TSK Surface Roughness, Profiling Systems, Form & Circular Geometry Instruments


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